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JVC NAB-2015 White Paper

written and produced by LLC:

"Private MESH Video Network"

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on JVC website - Public access)













JVC NAB-2015 White Paper

written and produced by LLC:

"The 4K-UHD 2015 Report"

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on JVC website - Public access)














NAB-2015 White Paper

authored by LLC:

"From SDI Baseband to IP Routing:

An Essential & Timely Migration"

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By LAWO permission)




DoS Atlanta


DOS Atlanta

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Talk is cheap . . .

Let's get it done!  


Our current expertise and concentration:

The Bilateral Television Transition*

HD>4K-UHD and SDI>IP Routing LLC provides focused, reliable, highly effective and

affordable management consulting services to the (professional)

Television Industry in areas of emerging technologies and applications.

Our assignments recently have been with manufacturers of professional video and television equipment, supporting product/solutions, market strategy and launch, covering IP Routing/Networking, 4K-UHD acquisition, contribution and distribution, Wireless MESH Video Networking, and mobile HD-ENG cameras with integrated LIVE backhaul via 4G-LTE and WiFi. LLC was founded in 2002. NOTE that we coined the term

"The Bilateral Television Transition"*.


Current Market/Technology Exposure

  • 4K-UHD Acquisition / Contribution / Delivery

  • TV Facilities IP Networking & Routing - COTS analysis

  • Transition from SDI to IP Routing - Hybrid Routing

  • LIVE HD-ENG/EFP Backhaul over 4G-LTE/WiFi/Internet

  • Private Wireless MESH Video Networking

  • FCC TV Spectrum Reclaim/Auction Issues

What we do for our Clients

  • Market Research & Analysis / Strategic Recommendations

  • High Visibility Programs / Popular White Papers/Reports

  • U.S. Sales Organization Start-Up / Grow / Restructuring

  • Fast Track Channel Development Program

  • Competitive Intelligence Research and Reporting

  • Executive/Key Employee Search (Marketing/Sales/Operations)

  • Interim Executive Assignment / Project Management

  • A clear focused in-depth Final Assignment Report

  • Provide high quality, timely and fairly priced consulting services

Clients & Customers (current & past, partial listing)

ABC-TV - Adobe - Apple - Autodesk - Canon - CBC-TV - CHUM

CNN - COX - DVS (Rohde & Schwarz) - Global - G&D - Hitachi - Hubbard

IDK - JVC KENWOOD - LAWO - Nokia - Net Insight - Network Electronics (Nevion) - Panasonic - ONTEC - Sony - Grass Valley - T-VIPS (Nevion)

TV Globo - WRAL - Zaxel



Executive HDTV/UHD Reports


Go to to access selected free issues of Nordahl's Executive

4K/UHD Reports (blogs), as published from time to time as time permits.


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An exceptional blend of accomplishments . . .

in engineering, marketing, sales & leadership positions


Nordahl has spent 45+ continuous years in the North American television industry, with the past 20+ years largely emerged in developing and bringing HDTV to the professional markets. And, recently, he's been right in the middle of 4K and Ultra-HDTV (UHD) developments, mobile DTV and 4G-LTE television. His career is an exceptional blend of engineering, marketing, sales and business, in executive positions with market leaders.


Nordahl started LLC in 2002 after years as VP Product Development & Engineering at Panasonic Broadcast. Prior to Panasonic, he held the position of GM/VP Sales & Marketing at DVS' successful Burbank-based North American subsidiary (acquired by Rohde & Schwarz). Prior, Nordahl founded and served as President of Mitsubishi's ProAudio Division (2/32-track digital audio recorders), and as President of Neve North America (the famous Neve recording, film and broadcast consoles), both highly successful under Nordahl's leadership. Earlier, he co-founded a CATV systems company (Complexicable) in Cleveland where he served as COO/VP Engineering after his early career as a CATV electronics design engineer.


Nordahl published his first comprehensive "HDTV Transition Report" in 2004 addressing pro-video and TV equipment suppliers, followed by a series of HD ENG & TV News oriented reports from 2005 to 2008 addressing TV Networks and TV Stations, followed in 2010 by the 105-page "Future of US Television Report".


Regina T. Nordahl


Regina (Terry) Nordahl supports special projects and provides legal support, often in executive search and staffing matters. She holds JD and MBA degrees, as well as certification in human resource management (SPHR).   Her full time career is as Associate Dean of Administration at one of California's most prominent private universities' School of Public Policy.




We fondly referred to Morgan as our Director of Collections and Security, and remember a kind and loyal family member. A large German Shepherd, he passed on Saturday Feb. 21, 2015 at the age of 15. Morgan was the smartest and most wonderful dog, and we miss him terribly.


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We're eager to serve you . . .    


Contact us to discuss how we can address your specific need.

We deliver on-time, on-budget, and often beyond your expectations.


Tore B. Nordahl LLC

Los Angeles, California, USA             New York (Brookfield, CT)

Email    Tel  +1 818-366-0448          Europe (Oslo, Norway)



* The term "The Bilateral Television Transition" is copyright 2015 by LLC as a headline and as a document or chapter name.

   Permission to use free of charge is hereby granted specifically to

   trade publications, on-line media and news outlets.


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